herbal, woodsy,
spicy NOTES

the aromatic family generally possess more intensively green and herbal blends. they are often combined with notes such as sage, rosemary, cilantro, cumin, cedar, lavendar, etc.

the thing about aromatic...

the aromatic family is also commonly referred to as ‘fougere,’ the french word for fern-like. while the majority of fragrances within this family do not include fern as a note, they do utilize various herbs and other grassy notes which can often smell similar to a fern. Aromatics act as a base which is then blended with elements of different families
to create more specific categories such as aromatic 
floral, aromatic citrus, etc.


Top notes of Ceylon white tea and Cyprian cedar blended with sandalwood, amber, and finishing hints of cilantro and lemon.